Forensic Services

Forensic Services

When legal disputes regarding construction practices occur, you can count on the expertise, credibility, and communications skills of the forensics team at MLAW Forensics to win your case.

MLAW Forensics will look at the problem and offer their professional opinion. When requested, MLAW Forensics can prepare the necessary documents with corrective measures, and also provide the oversight or management of the repair work. As appropriate, MLAW Forensics will strive to mitigate the damaging effects of structural movement. In other instances, MLAW Forensics can be requested to write certificates of merit or provide expert testimony.

Forensic engineering is a highly specialized field which requires credibility and communications skills, in addition to engineering and technical expertise. Based on MLAW's expertise in civil, geotechnical, structural, and materials engineering, MLAW Forensics has become a solid and reliable resource in construction litigations for attorneys on both sides.

MLAW Forensics' senior forensics expert, Dean Read, P.E., has provided expert testimony in numerous cases of varying type. Attorneys, judges, and juries trust Dean and his team to accurately explain what went wrong, who was responsible, and what is needed to make it right.

MLAW Forensics offers a broad range of services to attorneys in construction litigation, which are useful in determination of facts and probable cause and to establish the validity of claims, the amount of damages, and the cost of remediation.


Investigative Services

  • Failure analysis and documentation of structural, architectural, and foundation construction
  • Analysis of engineering and architectural plans
  • Geotechnical and materials engineering laboratory testing
  • Construction practices (including cost estimating, bidding and contracting procedures, and plans and specification analysis)
  • Construction blasting, excavation safety, subsidence, and subsurface conditions
  • Building envelope water penetration
  • Documentation of distress levels, failure mechanisms, and evaluation of impact on structure life and use
  • Evaluation of engineering investigations and reports
  • Determination of actual as-built job conditions
  • Detailed report of all findings


Cost Estimating

  • Preliminary estimates of investigation costs
  • Approximate range of remediation and other damage costs
  • Detailed estimate of remediation costs
  • Estimate of future and recurring project costs related to levels of actual remediation
  • Estimate on impact on market value


Litigation Support

  • Record and document searches
  • Presentation of evidence
  • Videos, slide shows, static displays, and modeling
  • Appraisals


Expert Testimony

When called upon to provide expert testimony in deposition or in trial, MLAW Forensics are credible and reliable witnesses. Frequent referrals from MLAW Forensics' attorney clients provides strong testimony to MLAW Forensics' credentials and communications skills.

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