Ensuring that Your Foundation & Structural Design Best Fit Your Site.

MLAW inspection services include foundation inspections, framing inspections, energy inspections, third party inspections, and miscellaneous construction phase inspections. MLAW Engineers' sister company, MLA Labs, Inc. provides geotechnical investigations (including soil testing, test pits and trenches, and the drilling of borings), construction materials testing, residential lot fill testing (79 G), and soils reports.

MLAW’s detailed investigations will ensure that your foundation and structural design best fit your site.

MLAW Engineers' services can include:

  • Fill and Beam Observation - After the forms have been set and all beam trenches have been dug, a fill and beam inspection should be performed. This is a good time to make any corrections and ensure that fill is approved or penetrated before beam and slab reinforcing is in place.
  • Pre Pour Observation - An observation of the reinforcing set-up is required prior to concrete placement. This should be performed after all elements are in place, including plumbing, and before concrete is scheduled.
  • Concrete Testing - Concrete should be randomly tested for visual consistency, slump, proper placement, compaction and compressive strength. MLAW Engineers' sister company, MLA Labs, Inc., has the expertise to accomplish this. Cylinders are made during the placement of concrete and tested after curing.
  • Cable Stressing - The post-tension cables should be partially stressed (elongated) to 30-50% of full jacking force at 24-48 hours after concrete placement. This is done to control shrinkage cracking. A full or final stress should be applied 4-10 days thereafter, depending upon the season and weather. A representative of MLAW Engineers will be present during the final stressing operation to measure cable elongation and load.
  • Compliance Letters - After all required inspections are complete, MLAW Engineers' Inspection Department will provide you with the necessary documentation that your foundation is in compliance with your project's engineered design. Compliance letters are generally required by most authorities having jurisdiction (municipalities, etc.).
  • Third Party Code and Compliance Inspections - From foundation to framing, MLAW Engineers can provide the inspections needed to verify that all code, compliance, and safety measures have been met.
    Availability of these inspections may vary depending on your individual city's requirements. Contact us for more information.
  • Construction Phase Remediation - MLAW Engineers can handle repairs and troubleshooting during the construction phase... brick ledge additions, hole in slab repairs, concrete shrinkage crack investigations, etc.
  • Warranty Inspections - Occasionally, after a homeowner occupies the residence, issues may arise that necessitate an Engineer's evaluation. That is where MLAW Engineers' Warranty Department can help.
  • HERS Rating, Field Testing, and Energy Code Compliance Inspections - MLAW Energy can provide the inspections needed to verify that all energy code, and compliance measures have been met.
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Optimization Audits - In addition to residential energy services, MLAW Energy can provide the energy services needed for your commercial or industrial project.
  • Forensics Inspections - MLAW Forensics has the expertise to determine the cause of structural damage or structural failure, and supply remediation options.
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