• Excavation Safety June 30, 2015

    Excavations are common on construction sites in the form of pits, trenches, and cuts adjacent to a hillside.  Excavations are necessary for construction but can be dangerous.  Stiff to hard clays seem very strong and will stand temporarily on vertical cuts for great depths.  Clays [...]

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  • Shrinkage Crack Considerations for Post-Tensioned Foundations June 1, 2015

    Shrinkage cracks in concrete slab-on-ground foundations are a significant public relations problem to home builders. All concrete will shrink during the curing process which lasts up to a year after the time concrete is placed in the forms. Curing involves loss of water from within the concrete, [...]

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  • Defining Foundation or Structural Failure June 1, 2015

    When has a foundation or any other structural unit failed? There are three categories in which a structure could be placed with regard to structural performance: Obvious failure: Collapse Major distress and distortion Functionality Impairment Obvious non-failure: No distress No [...]

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